Stat Tracker

A Hyper Light Drifter Table Top stat tracking PCB sandwich!

Stat Tracker in Rainbow Debug mode

What is it?

The Stat Tracker is a portable battery powered device that keeps track of health, energy, and dashes for the Hyper Light Drifter Table Top Role Playing Game. Although it was designed with Hyper Light Drifter in mind, it could be used in other table top games like Dungeons and Dragons.


  • Tracks 40 points of Health and Energy and 10 points in Dashes
  • Bright RGB leds for each icon
  • Custom art in Hyper Light Drifter theme
  • Unique Slim PCB sandwich construction with special icons for LED diffusion
  • 3D Printed bottom housing
  • 6 physical pcb buttons to add/subtract points
  • 2 touch buttons for brightness control
  • Customizable colour palettes including colourblind modes
  • USB micro for charging
  • 8 hours of battery life on default brightness and battery charge indicator icon
  • Stats are saved on power off.

Kickstarter has launched!

Kickstarter Project Link


​Shout out to Nick Poole for his talk on Boggling the Boardhouse where I use his PCB sandwich techniques for this project.

The first prototype has been completed and a second batch is soon to be ordered. Once everything is confirmed to be good for the second prototype then production of the Stat Tracker will be ready.

There will be articles on problems I have encountered and solved during the development of the stat tracker in the future.


Open source files

Currently the code is available on github (but it is very messy and not user friendly. This will change soon). The stat tracker code is in /examples/stat_tracker

For the eagle source files/gerbers: Final revision is still being worked on. Give me an email if you are looking for the current or old revisions.

How to use

Stat Tracker in Rainbow Debug mode

Increasing stats beyond the max will overfill the leds with a different colour giving a total of 40 points for Health and Energy and 10 in Dashes.

Battery Indicator

The Battery icon will change from Green to Red (on the default colour palette) based on battery life remaining. It will start flashing at low battery. The unit will auto shut off if the battery gets drained too much. If that occurs then a charge is required to turn it back on.


To charge: Simply plug in a USB micro cable to the USB port. The stat tracker will change to a battery display. The top row will show battery charge. Press any button to return to running mode and use the stat tracker while charging.

Colour Configuration

To enter colour configuration mode: Hold both touch buttons for a few seconds until you see it change modes. Press the dash buttons to change the colour palette. There are 3 colour palettes to choose from:

  • Default Hyper Light Drifter colours
  • Colourblind
  • Custom

In the custom colour palette mode: press the energy buttons to change the colour being edited and the health buttons to change the hue. You can also change the fully charged/discharged colours of the battery icon. Slow flashing batt icon: Fully charged colour. Fast flashing batt icon: Fully discharged colour. The battery icon will fade between the charged and discharged colours during normal operation.

To Save: Hold both Touch buttons for a few seconds.